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2 years parts and labor on repairs.  7 years on circuit breaker panels.

Drug Tested Technicians

Each  one of  our  technicians are drug  tested so that the customer would feel comfortable allowing  them to perform the job safely.

Background Checked Tech's

A1 Simco perform background checks on all technicians to ensure that they have no criminal record.

Clean Professional Service

A1 Simco take pride in our work habits when the job is completed by cleaning up  the jobsite were the work is performed, we will clean up were we work or the job is free.

Please take time to read the article below, it's very important! ​Thank You!

Reasonable Pricing 

A1​ Simco don't charge a hourly rate. Many electrical service companys charge for there services by the hour. We charge a flat fee up front for the job, not by the hour, that way we make the job affordable for you.

Our technician will give you a courtesy call when in route to your home or office to let you know that they are on their way, we take pride in our work and do the work right the first time and by the NEC code.
Below are some factors you should keep in mind if your electrician is going to install (GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS) in your home.

Any bathroom or garage within 6" within a sink must be GFCI protected. The code also requires all kitchen outlets for countertop use to be GFCI protected. GFCI must be installed in any area were electricity and water may come into contact. Including basements, pools, spars utility rooms, attached garages and outdoors. At least one GFCI is required in a unfinished basement and for most outdoor outlets. They are two type GFCI in homes. The GFCI outlet and the GFCI breaker. Both do the same job, but each has different specifications and limitations.
Don't wait until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you smell wiring burning while the lights dims after you turn on your air conditioner. We are professional electricians offering Wiring Services, Electrical Services, Lighting Services and many other services for the Temple Hills area. Contact us as soon as you have questions about your electrical system. Your safety is very important.